Andrew J Scarpitti, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

Our Team

Our team is a resource for high-performing executive clients with complex compensation packages. Our comprehensive approach goes beyond asset management and includes risk management, wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution to provide clients a complete picture of their financial plan.


Clients have shared with us that our comprehensive approach allows them a clearer picture of their overall financial plan and the ability to prioritize their top financial objectives.

The following are some of the priorities we regularly discuss and questions to consider when putting together your plan.

  1. Wealth Accumulation: What are the best ways to save, invest and accumulate assets efficiently, while minimizing both current and future taxes?
  2. Asset Management: How do I optimize the risk-adjusted return of my assets?
  3. Benefit Maximization: Do I take awards in options, restricted stock units (RSUs) or cash? And when, or what price do I exercise my options? Are the insurance options provided by my employer enough or are there alternatives or supplemental options available? Do I consider benefits as part of my overall compensation package and how does this impact my financial plan?
  4. Retirement Income and Distribution Planning: What is the best way to maintain my current lifestyle, and convert my asset balance into an income stream in retirement that I will not outlive?
  5. Career Continuation Planning: What are my options if I leave my current role? What is the total compensation at which I should consider a transition to a new company? How does this change my plan, and how do I ensure the protection of my family while in transition.

Often success provides great privileges that can sometimes be quite complicated, our team is here to help you understand how to maximize your total compensation and provide clarity in your financial plan.

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